Is Miami International Airport the Biggest in the World?

Miami International Airport is among the most significant airports, but it is not the biggest airport in the world. The biggest airport in the world is Beijing Daxing International Airport, which is located in China. Even though Miami international airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, but it is not considered as the biggest one in the world. Miami Airport, located in the United States, handles more than 1000 flights every day, including domestic and international flights. Miami airport is a hub for many passengers and huge airlines such as American airline cargo, DHL aviation, FedEx Express, and many more, making it even busier. It might not be the biggest airport in the world but Miami airport is huge and very busy, it makes it difficult for people to find parking spots for their cars because it gets overly crowded. So to make it easier there is a website GoToAirportParking that allows you to book a parking spot for your vehicle in advance so that when you finally reach the crowded airport, your parking space is already reserved


In 2018, Miami International Airport was ranked as the 13th busiest airport in the United States when more than 45,000,000 passengers traveled through this airport. If we talk about this airport’s size, it is built over 3,300 acres and has four runways. Miami international airport is considered the largest airport in passenger and size in the United States of Florida. It is also the busiest airport ever because when it comes to tourism, Florida is considered as the central hub for tourism in the United States. Miami is famous for its beaches and tourism, and because of this, Miami Airport is used for traveling, which makes it even busier and one of the busiest airports in the United States. This airport has become the central hub for all the tourists, and many travelers travel through this airport because of its vast size and a considerable number of daily flights. It is currently the 3rd busiest airport in the United States in terms of international passenger traffic. Some of the biggest airlines are connected with this airport, such as Air Florida, Pan American World, and UPS airlines. These airlines are considered among the biggest airline companies globally, and Miami international airport, being the hub of these airlines, gives it benefit over other airports.


Miami Airport is not the biggest airport in the world as there are many airports worldwide that are huge in terms of size, passenger numbers, and the number of flights. Currently, the title of the biggest airport in the world goes to the Beijing Daxing international airport. If we compare Beijing airport’s size to Miami international airport, there is a massive difference in size. The Beijing airport is built over 7.5 million square feet, which is equal to 98 soccer fields. Soccer fields are enormous, and we can imagine how big Beijing airport is when it is equivalent to 98 soccer fields. Even though this airport is at the early stages, it still surpassed many other airports in size and business. Miami is considered one of the busiest airports globally, but it is not the biggest airport in the world.