How to Win an Instagram Giveaway: Tips to Increase Your Chances

At one time when active on Instagram, we have seen people or pages having giveaways. We always want to participate and win. It could be a ticket to the movies, a lunch or a shopping voucher. Some giveaways are competitive especially for those with a higher number of followers while others are less competitive. To learn more about Instagram tricks and hacks and to unpack what methods you may apply to grow your account you could check this article.

And now let’s figure out how we ensure we scoop those giveaways and win? Consider the tips below.

Follow the giveaways account

If you have come across a giveaway of a ticket to a camping site, ensure you follow the account of the person or page giving out the ticket. It will be easier for you to be spotted and in case the wheel lands on your name, you will be easily picked.

Also, when determining the winner, they pick the people who are participating in the giveaway and select a random number assigned to each participant. Being a follower means you have a higher chance of winning.

Use the relevant hashtag

Hashtags are used to filter content on any social media platform. Use the relevant or given hashtag when participating in giveaways. You do not want to just write content about them on your page and be not spotted because you did not use the relevant hashtag.

You can achieve a lot via using a hashtag with the name of the account or the product being given out at that specific time.

Follow instructions on the giveaway alert

For example, a cinema has just launched and is advertising its business. They are looking for someone to award a ticket to but they place the demand of mentioning a tag of a friend while participating in the giveaway. If you would like to increase your chances of winning, you have to tag your friend using his/her username.

In addition to this, some giveaways will require you to repost the giveaway post in your InstaStories and tag them. Ensure you do so to grow your chances of winning.

Be an active follower

If you actively follow a page that places giveaways regularly, then there are higher chances of you knowing all the giveaways and participating in them. If possible, follow the account of the person giving giveaways so that you can be notified anytime there is a chance to participate.

Did you know that there is a higher chance of you being selected if you actively react to posts or reels and InstStories of the account? This goes simply by liking, commenting, or reposting.

Participate often

How many times have you participated in a giveaway? Some people usually want to participate just once and win the giveaway. It is okay if you were not lucky the first time. Increase your chances by participating again and again until at one time you are lucky to win something.

In conclusion, your Instagram account could be your lucky charm. Do not let any giveaway pass you when you have the opportunity to participate. Take advantage of all-overs to maximize your chances of winning.