Arroz La Fallera – Spanish rice

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Arroz Fallera is cultivated in the humid lands of the Natural Park of La Albufera (Valencia) where the paella (arroz a la Valenciana) was born in the XVIII century.

Its best quality is the absorption of the flavours of the stock used to cook the rice, keeping the grains separate and whole.

For great paella and rice dishes. 1 kg. package.

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Product Description

Ingredients : 100% rice.

Keep in a dry and cool place.

Arroz La Fallera is a short grain rice D.O. Valencia, the original place where Paella was born. It’s a very absorbent rice, good for sauces & broths and of course paella dishes.

Arroz SOS retains its shape and it’s not sticky or creamy. It comes in a bag of 1 kg.


campos de arroz
The rice is planted in late May and it begins to emerge with summer sun in the middle of June. During July and August it matures and it’s collected in late September

Why it’s important to use Spanish rice to make paella.

Since rice is the bedrock of Paella, it is advantageous to use a proper rice. This has been used for paellas for centuries — producing individual al dente grains, swollen with as much good broth as possible.

The problem you run into with substitutes is that the other short-grained strains of rice are designed with other applications in mind:

  • Arborio is meant to become creamy when cooked. 
  • Asian rice is meant to be sticky.
  • Basmati is light, aromatic and fragile.
  • Long grain rice (such as Uncle Ben’s) is a completely different product with lower absorbency.

Every rice has a determinate characteristics and, short grain rice as La Fallera is the best option to make your paellas authentically Spanish.




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    I used it a lot in Spain... I missed it

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