Spanish Cuisine Around The World

If you are reading this “welcome post” it’s because you, like us, are a fan of Spanish Food.

This adventure called Mama’s Box, has several missions: one of them, of course, is to bring you the food that Spanish people most miss from their country, but that’s only the top of the iceberg. Our biggest mission is to raise the awareness of Spanish culture for its real essence: that is, Spain has one of the biggest culinary cultures in the world.

Why Spanish cuisine is not well known like, for example, the French or Italian ones? We all agree that Spain is always on the top of world’s rankings regarding restaurants, chefs or food ingredients:

– Two Spanish restaurants are in the world’s top ten, including the best restaurant in the world: El Celler de Can Roca.

So, why is the Spanish cuisine still unknown to the mass?

The main European cities have a big offering of Italian, Greek, Japanese, French cuisine… but sometimes it’s difficult to find a Spanish restaurant that takes distance from the stereotype of “Paella with Sangría”.

We say that now it’s enough! Spain is much more than simply that. Spain is as well gazpacho, escalibada, cocido madrileño, pinchos, pulpo a la Gallega … and so much more that we could write for pages.

It’s a long way to show all that this cuisine can offer and with Mama’s Box we want to show to the world the real quality of Spanish products without any compromise.

We don’t adapt our food to the taste of the tourists, but we educate the world to recognize the real Spanish quality and fall in love for what it really is: one of the best cuisines of the world!

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