What Retailers Can Learn from Home Depot

In terms of revenue and quality of products and service, you can’t give a list of the top retail chains in the U.S. without mentioning Home Depot. Home Depot is synonymous with home improvement and restoration. There are many who wonder how the retailer has maintained its position at the top. Well, we are here to demystify their rise to the top spot when it comes to home improvement and restoration.

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That said, let’s get to business.

Something for everyone

As a retailer, you must be able to predict and understand the types of clients who are strolling into your store. Home Depot has gone to great lengths to meet the exact needs of its clients. Home Depot acknowledges two types of clients: the professionals and the DIY customers. Each has unique needs that must be met adequately.

Contractors/professionals know what they want and simply needed to be directed to where the tool/product is. For the DIY customer, they need to be explained every item. Personalized service is required here and that’s where the staff comes in.

Use of technology and innovative tools

People today are glued to their phones. They move everywhere with them, and we mean everywhere. A smartphone is the life of the typical American citizen. So, it only makes sense that you should take advantage of it.

The Home Depot App has helped the retail store to engage new clients, maintain, and retain them. The application has real-time information with regards to stock and opening/closing times. It also has a customer chat option where DIY-ers can ask questions of the store. To make things interesting, the application also has features that allow a client to customize a room with certain products.

Another tool and a big difference for Home Depot is the Buy Online Pick Up in Store (BOPIS) tool. This service is a convenient tool that saves customers time when they visit the store. It however has not driven away any in-store purchases. The same client who has ordered online will still pick up an item or two when they arrive.

An online presence

Home Depot has invested heavily in the online scene, creating a website and also an application as earlier mentioned.

Home Depot has gone a step further to ensure that their online customers get a very comprehensive service. They have put up copious amounts of information for all their products. You will get specifications and features for every item. You will also see side-to-side comparisons against other items of the same price range.